2016 Christmas Reflections: Our Year In Review

Dear Friends & Family,

Whew! 2016 has flown by so quickly we are happy to take this pause to write to you and catch our breath! It feels like the new year has just just come and gone, but now here we are, coming to the close of yet another year. I think it is true that the older we get, time seems to speed up. But as the hours and minutes have flown by us all too quickly, we hope that in the midst of every day life, this year has been filled with more wonderful moments than you can count.

Every year seems to bring with it new types of seasons and change for us all, and this was truly a year of a new season of change for our family. As many of you know, our family lived/traveled full-time in an RV for the past few years with Anthony as his  job moved him around. However, this year he settled into a bit of a more permanent position with his work, which keeps him stationary for most of the year. With that, our family has settled back down as well, only not at our previous home of Wilmington, NC where we both grew up, but in a quant little South Carolina town just outside of Charlotte, NC.

When we moved away from “home” and everything we had ever known three years ago, we could never have imagined where that leap of faith would take us. We just knew we were just along for the journey…wherever that may lead us!

In the early part of this year we stumbled upon an 1873 victorian farmhouse on Main Street in a little town most people have never heard of; and after a lengthy process to acquire it, by July of this year this fixer-up was ours!

This old house is a jewel, we are grateful and in love, but like anything that is old and worth keeping, it is work…lots and lots of work. But we are up for the task and excited to see what she will become with time, a whole lotta’ hard work, and a little love! {Feel free to scroll below in our blog to read all about that journey!}

Olivia is almost 12 and is in the 6th grade. She is true pre-teen, southern girl in every sense of the word and is full of spunk and energy and keeps mom on her toes! Her best/favorite subjects are math & animal science, which is helpful as she has wanted to be veterinarian for as long we can remember and she hasn’t changed her mind yet! She loves to write, is involved in equestrian 4-H, choir, and is always singing. She enjoys sewing, is obsessed with animals and Carrie Underwood, and is currently working to save up enough money to have her very own horse. The picture below was taken on the day her daddy surprised her with a date to her very first Carrie Underwood concert back in October. She said this was the highlight of her entire year…right next to getting her own room again and not having to share space with Jackson. 😉


Jackson is 10 and is in the 4th grade. He loves Minecraft, building Star Wars Lego anything, and reading…that boy devours books, which makes mom oh so happy! He enjoys rip-sticking, singing, choir, and is currently asking to take drum & piano lessons…we’ll see how that goes. 😉 His favorite subjects are reading comprehension, history, and geography.  He asked to fix up his room in an American history theme, so we’re working on that! Unlike his big sis, Jackson isn’t exactly the country kid type, but she roped him into this outfit on Halloween by telling him no one would give him candy if he didn’t have a costume. And that was the end of that.  😉

We are halfway through our 5th year homeschooling and though it is hard work, and we certainly have our challenging days, we are loving it and it continues to serve us well. I am still dabbling in a bit of writing here and there for various online publications and personally as well, and am currently in school working on a psychology degree with plans to continue on for a Master’s degree in a mental health counseling field. There is always a lot of learning of some kind going on in our home, which we are so grateful and fortunate to have.

There has been a few bumps in the road, but mostly it’s been a sweet year for our family, which was a welcomed reprieve after a challenging 2015. But life is just that way isn’t it? We never know from year to year what life will throw our way. But for now, we are just savoring life together, and the smallest moments as they all too quickly turn into years and change comes for us again.

If you are reading this now, that means that you are a part of or have touched our lives in a tangible way at some point in time and are the reason we feel blessed far beyond words. Our wish for us all this Christmas season and the new year is that we will find the very best of life in relationships and experiences more than in accomplishments and monetary gain, that we will find great joy in the simplest moments, and experience the richness of life in the love that we have to give away to one another, and in the warmth of Jesus Christ who is love and from whom every good and wonderful thing comes.

Christmas blessings to your and yours, and well wishes for your 2017, from our family to yours.

With Love,

The Rowell Family


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  1. Rachel Rowell December 13, 2016 at 9:13 pm #

    A Beautiful year has unfolded and we look forward to the wonderful journey as life unfolds the years ahead of us enjoying every day God blesses us with . We love Our Family May God Bless You This Holiday Season Nana & Papa Rowell

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