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A true southern gal at heart, Rachel was raised and lives in the deep south and spends her days raising her own babies, writing, making music, reading out on the front porch, and cooking supper for her family to sit around the table and enjoy together at nights! Her ultimate girlhood dream was to raise a family in a house just like "Anne of Green Gables" and now she is living her dream and inspiring others along the way.

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2016 Christmas Reflections: Our Year In Review

Dear Friends & Family,

Whew! 2016 has flown by so quickly we are happy to take this pause to write to you and catch our breath! It feels like the new year has just just come and gone, but now here we are, coming to the close of yet another year. I think it is true that the older we get, time seems to speed up. But as the hours and minutes have flown by us all too quickly, we hope that in the midst of every day life, this year has been filled with more wonderful moments than you can count.

Every year seems to bring with it new types of seasons and change for us all, and this was truly a year of a new season of change for our family. As many of you know, our family lived/traveled full-time in an RV for the past few years with Anthony as his  job moved him around. However, this year he settled into a bit of a more permanent position with his work, which keeps him stationary for most of the year. With that, our family has settled back down as well, only not at our previous home of Wilmington, NC where we both grew up, but in a quant little South Carolina town just outside of Charlotte, NC.

When we moved away from “home” and everything we had ever known three years ago, we could never have imagined where that leap of faith would take us. We just knew we were just along for the journey…wherever that may lead us!

In the early part of this year we stumbled upon an 1873 victorian farmhouse on Main Street in a little town most people have never heard of; and after a lengthy process to acquire it, by July of this year this fixer-up was ours!

This old house is a jewel, we are grateful and in love, but like anything that is old and worth keeping, it is work…lots and lots of work. But we are up for the task and excited to see what she will become with time, a whole lotta’ hard work, and a little love! {Feel free to scroll below in our blog to read all about that journey!}

Olivia is almost 12 and is in the 6th grade. She is true pre-teen, southern girl in every sense of the word and is full of spunk and energy and keeps mom on her toes! Her best/favorite subjects are math & animal science, which is helpful as she has wanted to be veterinarian for as long we can remember and she hasn’t changed her mind yet! She loves to write, is involved in equestrian 4-H, choir, and is always singing. She enjoys sewing, is obsessed with animals and Carrie Underwood, and is currently working to save up enough money to have her very own horse. The picture below was taken on the day her daddy surprised her with a date to her very first Carrie Underwood concert back in October. She said this was the highlight of her entire year…right next to getting her own room again and not having to share space with Jackson. 😉


Jackson is 10 and is in the 4th grade. He loves Minecraft, building Star Wars Lego anything, and reading…that boy devours books, which makes mom oh so happy! He enjoys rip-sticking, singing, choir, and is currently asking to take drum & piano lessons…we’ll see how that goes. 😉 His favorite subjects are reading comprehension, history, and geography.  He asked to fix up his room in an American history theme, so we’re working on that! Unlike his big sis, Jackson isn’t exactly the country kid type, but she roped him into this outfit on Halloween by telling him no one would give him candy if he didn’t have a costume. And that was the end of that.  😉

We are halfway through our 5th year homeschooling and though it is hard work, and we certainly have our challenging days, we are loving it and it continues to serve us well. I am still dabbling in a bit of writing here and there for various online publications and personally as well, and am currently in school working on a psychology degree with plans to continue on for a Master’s degree in a mental health counseling field. There is always a lot of learning of some kind going on in our home, which we are so grateful and fortunate to have.

There has been a few bumps in the road, but mostly it’s been a sweet year for our family, which was a welcomed reprieve after a challenging 2015. But life is just that way isn’t it? We never know from year to year what life will throw our way. But for now, we are just savoring life together, and the smallest moments as they all too quickly turn into years and change comes for us again.

If you are reading this now, that means that you are a part of or have touched our lives in a tangible way at some point in time and are the reason we feel blessed far beyond words. Our wish for us all this Christmas season and the new year is that we will find the very best of life in relationships and experiences more than in accomplishments and monetary gain, that we will find great joy in the simplest moments, and experience the richness of life in the love that we have to give away to one another, and in the warmth of Jesus Christ who is love and from whom every good and wonderful thing comes.

Christmas blessings to your and yours, and well wishes for your 2017, from our family to yours.

With Love,

The Rowell Family


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Our Home-Education Journey: When The World Is Your Classroom


An educated person is not someone who knows something, but someone who can explain what they know to others. Americans used to expect that the core knowledge they learned from their parents was to be passed on to the next generation. – Leigh Bortons, The Core

Hi there!

I wanted to write just a bit about our home-education journey. It’s something I don’t write on often for several reasons. But when people ask (and we’ve had many email or message ask us lately) I sure don’t mind sharing our experiences!

For starters, this is our 5th year home-schooling and our children are in grades 6 and 4. So needless to say, I sure don’t know everything there is to know or even come close to having it all figured out. But I can say that with every passing year, we are learning to find our own personal rhythm and it just feels more and more natural.

To be completely honest, there are a few reasons I don’t write on this topic often because,

  1. I never want to come across and one of “those” moms. You know the kind. The “homeschooling is the only way and if you’re doing anything different, you’re a bad mom and your children are going to grow up dumb” kind of mom. WRONG.
  2. Because homeschooling really isn’t the only way. I know this well…
  3. …in fact, some families just shouldn’t do it. Period. No really, I mean it! I don’t believe homeschooling is the best fit for every family and suggesting that it is, just sets families up for frustration and failure from the get go.
  4. There is more than one way to homeschool. This fact alone makes me reluctant to share our journey. Just because we do it one way, doesn’t mean that it should ever be another family’s way. And it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the way we will do it in the future.

Nonetheless, for a little on our family philosophy on home-education and an up close snapshot of what school at home looks like for us, we’d love to share our journey; what it is, what it is not, and the details of what we do. 

First, I’ll start with…

What homeschooling ISN’T: (at least for us)

  • Curriculum. I mean, curriculum is most certainly a part of it. But curriculum and book-work isn’t even close to the whole of home-education.
  • It is NOT a reproduced, mini-version of traditional school.
  • It’s not subject tests, grades, and report cards.
  • It’s not dictated to us by programs, state or federal guidelines, curriculums, ect.


What homeschooling IS!:

  • A healthy mixture of curriculum learning and real world/life experience!
  • Establishing and filtering all subject learning through our faith based world-view, with God at the center of every single thing we study…even science!

Whew! Sometimes I forget how many places we’ve been and experiences we’ve had until I look back at the hundreds of pictures of our journey!

When it comes to education, I am learning to find the balance between curriculum learning, which is important, and real world experience learning, which is far more important.

On some days we spend long days, sitting at actual desks (or tables or couches) learning with books and (gasp!) actually using pencils.

Other days we head out to touch, see, and feel the things we learn about in books, or packing up our school work books and heading to a favorite spot to change up the scenery a bit so that our learning environment doesn’t get stale and boring.

  • Homeschooling is finding the ways your children learn best, not the way a state or any other well-meaning mom says a child should learn.
  • REAL life experience
  • Learning character and life-skills
  • Character training
  • Community

“Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.” – Aristotle

Because some have asked, here is the more technical break down of what we’re doing now for school. I say now, but it is subject to change at any point it’s no longer the best fit.


What WE do:

That about covers the core subjects!

We also register as a school with our state and have our children tested with the Stanford Achievement Test (or equivalent) by a certified tester at the end of every school year.

As you can tell, we take our education pretty dang seriously, as we should, but we do our best to have fun while we’re learning! A good education opens the world up to us as we learn who we are, why we are here, what we believe, what is true about the world around us, and that true education is ALL of life, not just limited to seven hours a day in a school room.

The whole world is our class room and at least for the time being, we wouldn’t have it any other way.


So, in a very condensed nut-shell, this is our family philosophy and method on home-education.

We sure don’t pretend to believe it should be everyone else’s. But at present it is just working for us, and if it ever stops working, we will evaluate what needs to change.

We hope that sharing our education journey helps other families who might be considering home-education and paints a well-rounded, general picture of what it can look like and how it most definitely works!

For the sole, true end of education is simply this: to teach men how to learn for themselves; and whatever instruction fails to do this is spent in vain. – Dorothy Sayers 


Please feel free to comment below or email us with questions as we’d be so happy to help!

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Truth On The Struggle Of Restoration & The Beauty Of The Process


Hey ya’ll!

If you thought this was gonna be one of those dreamy, Pinterest “viola! everything’s amazing in a week” farmhouse blogs…you’re probably going to be pretty disappointed here. But if you like real life, then come have a sit down next to us because we’ve got more than enough of that to go around!

Newsflash! As much as we all love them, life isn’t mostly a Southern Living magazine and this definitely isn’t a not reality HGTV series.

Also, those things, lovely and amazing as they are, aren’t our reality, and portraying that it is wouldn’t accurately reflect our vision for documenting and writing about our journey!

We wanted to document our lives in a way that shows the truth, the REAL days, the work, the struggle, and the true reality behind the few and far more picturesque moments that happen here and there.

To bring you up to speed, things have been both a mixture of crazy busy remodeling days, and slower days of just enjoying settling into our new place, sitting out on the front porch in our missed-matched rockers and paint chippy wicker furniture we bought an auction for $35, and school days still in our pj’s together.



I have to admit, remodeling an old house isn’t for the faint of heart. The work is never done. Nor is it anything like what you see on HGTV. I keep asking my husband Anthony, “WHEN is the crew gonna show up?!” Alas, they never do because well, we ARE the crew!

img_6365To be completely honest, farmhouse renovations are coming along even more slowly than I had imagined they would for several reasons.

Mostly because in the midst of it all, we still have to live life! Still, I can’t help but think that endless days just to focus on remodeling would be amazing and we would have come so far already.

Alas, full-time work, school for both the kids and I, activities, and LIFE happens in between the few days a week we have just to dedicate to the house that seem to fly by far too quickly, and come around again far less than we would like.


In it all, like most seasons in life if we stop to take note, the process is teaching us important lessons that we probably wouldn’t learn if we had unlimited amounts of resources and time…or Chip & Joanna Gaines to just come in do the work for us!

Once again, life is giving us the ever important lessons found in patience, hard work, and learning to let ourselves enjoy the process of the present journey rather than hanging our happiness on some imagined future destination!






img_5606.jpgAnd so, in between the juggling act of the house work, job work, school, family, and all of life’s other priorities, are the small accomplishments and sweet moments that make life all that it is; all that it should be like Sunday lunch around our unfinished table with faces we love, sweet welcomes from new neighbors, birthday wishes come true, and tiny corners of rooms transformed!





img_6743I’m starting to understand that the work won’t be finished anytime soon, and since the house is over 100 years old, it’ll likely never end. But that’s okay! The character that is built into our old 1873 farmhouse from long ago, is building lessons of character in us that will last.

Sometimes in my most impatient, frustrated, and impatient moments, I find myself laying on the one couch we have in the one functional living space we have put together at present, wondering if it isn’t really us that’s re-building this old house, but this old house that is building us.

As much as we might have been a gift of restoration to this old place, the lessons we are learning here could very well the new gifts it is offering right back to us.

The deep gifts aren’t really in the end result, they are found in the process.

Because everything beautiful and rich and full of deep character in life, took years and years of slow and steady time to forge.

There is so much beauty to be discovered in the process of restoration.





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Top 10 Best & Worst Of Full-Time RVing / “Light Life” Camper Up For SALE


Hi friends!

Yesterday afternoon I walked into our camper parked in our backyard (for now) to get something, and something happened that I wasn’t expecting…after two weeks of living in a big ole’ house, the camper still felt so much like home! I felt tears well up in my eyes and so, I decided to indulge my emotions for a bit and sat on the couch and reminisced about the beautiful times over the last three years that were had in that small space. I hate goodbyes, but I guess my heart just needed to say goodbye so that I could let it go. I’ll be telling you what we’ve decided to do with our camper later on in this post!

But now that we have officially wrapped up RV life, we wanted to go out celebrating our 3 years of full-time RVing one last time by writing out our top 10 best & worsts of full-time RV life. Also, we wanted to tell you all what we plan to do with our sweet little Light Life camper now that we are settling down.

The Light Life’s Top Best & Worst of Full-time RVing:

We’ll start with the worst and end with the best… 😉

  1. RV bathrooms – It goes without much explanation about why tiny RV bathrooms, teeny tiny showers, and camper toilets aren’t exactly the most glam part of RV life. But you DO get used to it and it isn’t really so bad after once you do…until it’s Sunday morning and everybody is trying to get ready to go somewhere at once and you realize there is one person in the shower, one using the sink and 2 banging on the door needing to use the toilet. 😉
  2. Laundromats – Unless you’re blessed to have a small washer/dryer in your RV, then you know that laundromats will inevitably be a part of life for a while. While is a blessing to have campground laundry facilities or a laundromat nearby because well, it beats having dirty clothes. It pretty much goes without saying that laundromats aren’t the most awesome places ever. But they will do.
  3. Frozen pipes – Of course this is only a worry in wintertime. But we’ll just say, unless you’re RVing in Florida, you’ll want to wrapped your water line going into the camper with foam and have heat trace on your RV pipes for wintertime RVing. And of course, if it’s going below 32 anytime, leave your water drizzling…because frozen or busted pipes are SO not fun. Trust us.
  4. Campground bath-houses – Now if you’re temporarily boon-docking, of course this doesn’t apply. But as most are, if you’re staying or living in a campground, you’ll know exactly what I mean. Campground bath-houses are meant for campers of all types to have a place to shower and use the restroom. This means you will likely be sharing a bathroom with tent campers who {ah-hem!} tend to be just a tad bit dirtier than the average person for obvious reasons. Also, not all camp-ground bath-houses are created equal. Which means, some are nicer and more well-maintained than others. Still, we’ve never found one we would want to utilize without our shoes on. 😉
  5. Space – When you’re living in 350 sq. feet of living space or less for more than one person for a longer period of time than a few weeks, it starts to feel well…crowded. This is just an unavoidable fact of RV life that we learned early on to set an appropriate perspective, expectation, and attitude of life in our tiny space, which helped A LOT. But still, it’s just a bit tight! Or as we prefer to view it...super cozy. 😉

On to our favorite part, the BEST of RV life!

  1. Financial freedom – We can honestly say that this past 3 years has been the first time in the 14 years we’ve been married that we were so financially free. I mean, we still have to work to make a living and pay bills, but we were never strapped for money or ever were just barely making ends meet. When we wanted to go somewhere or do something, we could do it! Our space was smaller, but our wallets could breathe easier and there just are no words to fully express how amazing that feels. There was no house anywhere that could have compared to the joy of having the freedom to ENJOY life rather than just stress over how to PAY for life.
  2. Time – Hands down, one of the major blessings that 3 years of full-time RV life gave us back was time together. There were no more out of town trips away from us for dad or everyone running in all different direction. We were together, a lot; and the rewards were so rich in so many ways.
  3. Communication  –The natural benefit of close space proximity and increased time together was that we learned to connect with and get to know one another in a deeper way than just in passing as most families do and as we did before.
  4. Relationship – Often we have people comment on how impressed they are that we survived 3 years living in an RV and still like each other. Inside our heads we are always thinking the same thing, our goal was never to just survive this journey, it was to let it change us and grow us together as a tightly knit family. That is exactly what it did! The financial freedom took away so much stress which gave us time which gave us communication which gave us back rich relationship with one another. You could never put a price-tag on the positive domino effect it had on our lives.
  5. Experiences – The combination of financial freedom and living transiently, mixed with a little bit of an adventurous spirit brought our family more amazing experiences than we could even attempt to count over this wonderful span of time. We have 983,094 million pictures to prove the myriad of experiences that we had in just a short span of time.

As you can see, obviously, the good far out-weighs the bad. And we could go on and on because there were truly so many more….mostly good; but these were just the most obvious take-aways for our family on our 3 year full-time RV journey, and we hope they will enlighten and encourage you no matter where you are in your own journey.


And so what, what will we do with our sweet little camper home? After much thought, we have decided to put our Light Life home up for SALE, and you guys are the first to know! We’ve had many ask us to inform them if we ever decide to sell it, well here’s your chance! All cleaned out and ready for a new owner to love it and have incredible adventures in it, just as we did.

{You can view all the info. pics, and exact specs. on the camper here. Also, feel free to pass this post on to anyone you know who might be looking for a camper!}

Although we are sad to see it go and will definitely be be choking back the tears as it drives away with its new owners one day soon, we know that our run with our Light camper has come to an end and it’s time to pass it on to a new set of adventurers.

Little did we know when we bought our camper back in 2013 that we were gaining so much more than money could ever have bought us. We thought we were buying a camper, but instead we bought back the gift of time.

The gifts of freedom and experiences.

The gifts that we rediscovered all over again, the gifts of one another.

It is our ultimate hope that this beautiful experience we’ve had, our small nuggets of our wisdom along the way, and our little camper home will bring the same all over again for a brand new set of adventurers!

Goodbye little camper home. You sure have loved us well.

While it is true that this is the very last RV post here at The Light Life Blog, it is not the last encouragement you will hear from us to fully embrace YOUR unique journey, and live it out beautifully.

-Anthony, Rachel, Olivia & Jackson Rowell 


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How We Knew The Door Was Closing On Full-time RV Life

img_5460.jpgWhew! What a crazy week our first week in the house has been. Of course I want to tell you all about the farmhouse renovations and what waking up to about 2800 more square feet than we’ve been used to feels like and I will!

But for now, I want to tell you the story of how we got to this sleepy little town we landed in, and how we knew the door was closing on our season of full-time RV life.


Two questions we’ve been getting a lot lately are, “How did you know it was time to leave full-time RV life behind?” Also, “How did you end up in the place you moved?”And so, because we love you all and we want to answer any questions you have, we will take a shot at giving you our most honest answers to those questions.

While it would sound nice to be able to write a story about how we started full-time RVing because we were financially independent or well-off, and just wanted to go out and see the world, experience new things, and meet new people; that would be embellishing things just a tad.

Truthfully, one of the main reasons we began full-time RV life in the first place was because of my husband’s job had him traveling A LOT (he was gone 3 weeks out of every month) and we were just so tired of the rat race. I’ve mentioned this before in earlier posts, but for those who may have missed it, you can read it here. 

Long story short, we got sick of being apart. And since quitting his job and us becoming homeless wasn’t an option, we just did what needed to be done! We made the both hard and easy decision to sell everything, leave all our families behind, move away from the only town we had ever known, to travel with him and be together! And so, we took a situation that was out of our control, and we chose to make a beautiful season out of it.

Instead of an ordeal, we chose an adventure!

We traveled from state to state for a while and ended up landing just outside of Charlotte, NC two years ago. Needless to say, when you’re moving and traveling, full-time RVing is one thing. But when you’re stuck in one spot two years, it quickly becomes quite another. I doubt I need to describe how easily the walls start to close in and one gets restless when the excitement of moving from state to state is no longer part of the RV life deal. Sure it can be done…we did it! But it just wasn’t ever going to be a long term thing for our family.

Of course, every situation is different and we don’t mean to imply that any of these issues are issues for everyone. But we’ve been asked a lot, and here are a few honest perspectives on why our family knew it was time to move on from full-time RV life:

  1. Our kids are now almost 12 and 10, and although we’ve already been homeschooling for four years and can do that anywhere, we began to know that it was just time to put down some roots in one place since we are obviously here to stay as far as work is concerned.
  2. They are a bit over sharing a tiny bunkhouse bedroom with no privacy…and we really don’t blame them.
  3. We are SO OVER laundromats and campground rules and regulations (which aren’t likely to be a huge issue unless you are living in one for long periods of time as we were).
  4. Space. We are just ready for space again. We doubt anyone could struggle to understand this point.
  5. Growing new roots.
  6. Making a house a home. To be honest, that’s been a huge one for us. Every house we’ve ever lived in we worked together to make it ours, and it’s a huge part of us that we’ve missed for the last three years.
  7. It is time to be able to say say “yes” to joining ball-teams, and groups, and all sorts of extra-activities that we all might like to do without worrying that we might have to just up and leave it all behind. To be honest, we were just a little weary of saying “goodbye” to newfound friends and people we have grown to love.

And so, we landed in the location we are in in this tiny town in South Carolina about 40 minutes outside of Charlotte, NC for a few very important reasons:

  1. When we began this whole journey, we specifically asked God to direct every step of our journey, to open and close doors, and this was the door that was most obviously opened for us to walk through! There were so many reasons we knew it was the right time and the right place.
  2.  The company Anthony does contract work for expressed that they want him here indefinitely, so we stay where the good job is that allows us to live the life we have chosen for our family which is to be a one parent income so that we can invest in and home-school them while they are growing up.
  3. The farmhouse we bought was essentially a half price farmhouse. Long story short, we got a DEAL. Or as most would call it, a project. 😉
  4. It’s in the country. Need I even say more? Far removed from the hustle and bustle of big city life, yet close enough to still have everything we could ever need.

We are monumentally grateful for the last three years and all the richness life offered us in that season. And we are overjoyed and sure that this new season will bring more of the same, just in different ways of course!

img_5560.jpgAs if I needed more proof, I just knew we had made the right decision when our daughter Olivia said to me the other day,

“Mom, I just can’t believe it! I still feel like I’m in a dream that we get to live in this house in this small little country town. Can this be our forever home? Like, I mean one I get to grow up in and come back home to after I’ve grown up and moved out? At least that’s what I’ve always dreamed of.”

Right then and there I knew – fulling embracing the memories of three beautifully amazing years of living transiently, we are home to stay.





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Sometimes Life Gives You A Big Ole’ “Welcome Home”

round logoHey ya’ll!

Welcome to the “new” Light Life Blog! We promised we weren’t going anywhere, just getting off at the station to board a different train that will take us in a new direction.  😉

Although we are no longer living our full-time RV life journey, we felt that our name was still equally as fitting and so, we kept it!

So why The Light Life?

Because we believe that regardless of who we are, what we do, or what we live in, we live our lives as lights that shine brightly into a dark world. That has become our family’s mission statement – LIVE the light.

And so, we will stay The Light Life Blog!

I realize that some of you may be disappointed that we won’t be sharing our RV life posts these days. However, we’re willing to bet that you might find sticking around for this leg of our journey to be well worth your time too – at least we sure hope so!

13654255_878327102311846_5489519023965512515_nAs of this past Friday, we moved out of our sweet little camper home to settle into an old 1873 farmhouse in a quaint little southern town in South Carolina just outside of Charlotte, North Carolina!

While the house itself has been lived in and updated here and there through the years, it needs quit a bit of TLC to bring it back to life. As you know, old houses need constant care and are always a work in progress. But we will be sharing more of the history as we go!

13775889_880227538788469_1907651864583726424_nLike much in life, we know that this will be a marathon, not a sprint. It is a journey we have chosen to take knowing that it will take time, which will teach us patience…because we are just regular folks who definitely aren’t Chip & Joanna Gains, we aren’t financially independent (so somebody still has to go to work everyday) and we don’t have an entire crew helping us knock out our long punch-list.

We don’t have unlimited funds and will be remodeling this house on a pretty tight budget, so part of the story will be how to live well without being born with a silver spoon, winning the lottery…or robbing a bank. 😉

For the most part, it will be the four of us working hard together to make this sweet old southern house, our forever home.

I’m not gonna lie, it would nice to hire a crew to just come in and do it all for us and then move in, but part of the reward in it in the end will be that we did it together, we made a house our home – together; just as we made our little camper home together for the past three years… only now we have an 3,000 additional square feet of work and space.






This is only the beginning, and we have so much to do and so much to share! A tour of the inside will come soon!

Mostly, we want our readers to know that we just adore and appreciate you, and the last thing we desire is for this blog to just be a place to document our farmhouse journey; that’s not what we’re going for at all. We want to connect with you, to share our lives with you, to encourage and inspire you to LIVE the light in your own lives, wherever you may find yourself.

There is a long road ahead and so much more to come. We hope you’ll discover the beauty there to be found in your life, as we share ours.

Welcome again friends old and new to The Light Life Blog! As we begin this new chapter, we’re so blessed you’re a part of our story too.

It is our hope that this place of sharing our story will be like a big ole’ southern front porch where life quiets for just a while and you sit a spell with us until your soul is encouraged and your weary heart is lifted with a warm and gentle embrace that says,”Welcome home. You are so loved.”

Here we go!

Much Love,

Anthony & Rachel


We invite you to connect with us on Facebook & Instagram!








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On The Ending Of Our Full-time RV Journey

Hello friends!

It’s been so long…so very long since I’ve written. Although I can say that I’ve missed you all something fierce; my sweet readers who have so faithfully followed along as our family has taken this three year journey of full-time RV living, at one point I had to decide that personal growth and building a life with my family was more important than building an ever-growing online presence and blog readership. I had to learn to find balance in it all. With that, you will hopefully understand why I have mostly been MIA from this blog over the last year or so. 

It was time to write to let you all know that after three incredible years, our family’s light life journey of full-time RV life is coming to a close.

Our life season is changing and it is just time to settle down and grow deep roots again.

I have to be honest and admit that I’ve been spending the past few weeks looking back over the last three years and being reminded what a crazy, wonderful, amazing experience of life it’s been and realized, I wouldn’t change a single thing. Not even all the times we banged our heads on a cabinet in the camper, or the toilet was backed up…AGAIN, or the shower floor filled up to overflowing because someone forgot to open the grey tank. 😉

As I have reminisced over the past few weeks or so, I have given a lot of thought about what RV life and living small has taught us. And although many things, I attempted to narrow it down to just a few.

  1. Gratitude. – The whole world just grows bigger and brighter when you intentionally strip your life of frills and time suckers and live simply for an extended period of time. Besides, when you live small and simply, you appreciate EVERYthing that most of the world doesn’t even notice.
  2. Family. – Not having the crushing financial pressures of many American families, gave us precious time together, along with the spacial closeness of camper life has knit our hearts together in a way we had never experienced before.
  3. Experiences. – I probably don’t have to explain why and how RV living fosters myriads of ways to experience life in unique ways.
  4. People. – We’ve met so many fellow humans of all walks of life along our journeys, living in different campgrounds, ect. They have made the journey rich in their own unique way! We will never forget your faces and how you  have graced us with your presence and brightened our journey no matter where we were.
  5. Home. – Even in our tiny little 300 sq. feet of living space that got cramped at times, it always, always felt like home. Because we learned that home isn’t a house or a location, it is where ever you are fully loved and accepted and free to be yourself. We found that home truly is wherever we are together.

All of this and so much more that can’t be listed on a blog, has grown us, stretched us, and made our lives so incredibly rich in ways that we could never have bought with money or found within that big ole’ house we lived in back then; and for that…and for all we’ve discovered about ourselves and about life and humanity that is good, we will forever be grateful and will carry with us always.

As this chapter comes to a close to give way to a new one, we want you to know that this is not “goodbye,” but rather just a turn of the page.

And still, we invite you to continue to join us in the next chapter of our brand new journey! Because it just wouldn’t be as fun without you all.

And so, on Friday of this week, at 9 am we sign papers to make this 1873 farmhouse jewel our very own.


In a brand new town we’ve never lived before, filled with neighbors we’ve never met before.

We could never have imagined almost three years ago to the day, that our journey would lead us to a completely new place and home. But it has, and we are grateful…and for all the things that have brought us here.

I could tell you the story of how we ended up here and how we aren’t exactly sure of all the reasons why we are being planted here. And I could also tell you that our hearts are strangely confident that this is where we are supposed to be at this place and time. We can’t wait to see what becomes of our lives here and how we get to be used to breathe fresh, new life into this old place that has been the same for years.

New life.

New beginnings.

New experiences.

New lessons.

“For everything there is a season…”

Change and growth is what living is all about isn’t it?

It means we are alive! We are changing, growing, expanding, and moving forward.

And so, as you read this, we are living our very last day of full-time RV life.

And I know that when I walk out of our tiny home for the last time as “home” and close that little camper door, I will smile a smile of complete gratitude and peace as I reflect back on this journey we have taken together, from beginning to end.

I put together a collection of just a few of the many highlights of our journey and the memories we take forward with us to share with you all below….

We did it.

And it has been our honor to have you join along with us for this leg of the journey.

There will be much more, so much more to come…

(page turn) <3


{more pics of the house, what we plan to do next with our sweet “Light Life” camper, and stories of our old (new) farmhouse journey to come…}

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The Light Life Blog RV Remodel


Back when we lived a more normal life in an actual house, I was known for changing the paint color on my walls every other year or so because everyone who knows me knows that I get bored easily and love to change things up! Now here we are, about to enter year two of our journey to full time RV life. So naturally, we I, felt it was high time to give our little home a facelift too! And somehow I got lucky and managed to talk my husband into the insanity of it all.

We went all in and decided to do a marathon remodel session on the last weekend before summer cranked up to hot as hell status! *We own the Open Range Light (LT308BHS) model camper.

For now, we have completely revamped everything with the exception of the master bedroom and half of the kid’s bunkhouse area. We will finish those up soon..but we just couldn’t wait to share it with you anyways.

And of course it was just too much to wait until next spring when the entire thing was done to show you all how turned out. So here is snapshots of our face-lifted, personalized, a bit more cozy RV home! We hope you are inspired to make whatever space is you live in, your very own!

(Be sure to click here to view the before pics)

11311543_1603387973269899_189322981_nAs you can see, we had quit a job ahead of us…and we made quite a mess! Since our camper is only two years old, we didn’t really need or want to change a whole lot structurally except for the living/dining room slide-out area (which used to be a huge u-lounge area) and the bathroom sink (which was entirely too small).

I’m a huge fan of bright and fresh spaces. And since we homeschool and spend much of our time in our RV, we decided we wanted to get rid of all the dark and use lots of white and grey to lighten and open up the space as much as possible!


We began the process by taking down every cabinet door and hardware. We kilzed every wall once then painted them with two coats of a light grey premium grade satin finish paint. The dark wood cabinets were also kilzed and painted with two coats of a premium grade antique white in satin finish. We didn’t really worry about 100% perfect coverage on all the cabinetry since we wanted them to have an aged feel and everybody knows that aged things aren’t perfect and definitely don’t look new!

We used a medium/coarse grit sandpaper to distress the cabinets once the paint was dry to give them their aged, shabby chic look. I love the way they turned out!

11817181_10153667046242847_5524122037099021837_n11263238_861640513914710_983480678_n 11327864_707610302698612_933754891_n11902234_10153692644547847_370684049499049279_n (1) 11352041_848026405232996_1571081993_n

11896212_10153692644477847_8611677665238984193_nblog 6


We decided to go ahead and completely re-do Olivia’s side of the bunk house area of the camper, so Olivia got to work and helped her dad build her new bed area and mommy did the painting. It was definitely a team effort. We think it turned out so lovely and Olivia absolutely LOVES her new space! She says it feels so cozy…I agree!    (Jackson’s side will be revamped soon!)11905751_10153697338327847_4035993158962612862_n11951968_10153712451262847_5831649625826629152_n11892012_10153712464292847_4331026778324875532_n        11215704_10153613252677847_5702014323835840354_n


We still have a bit more remodeling left to do (in between dad’s work schedule and school) and will definitely show you when we’re 100% finished. But for now, we sure have loved giving you a mini tour of our tiny home on wheels and we hope you’ve enjoyed the peek into our freshly remodeled camper home!  Please feel free to leave us questions and comments below in the comments and then click right here to follow us on Instagram @thelightlifeblog!

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Finding Joy In The Ordinary

blog 6


This morning I awoke, made my bed, read a bit, and stepped straight into my tiny kitchen to get the sauce started for our crockpot dinner tonight.

There was nothing about this impending day that is anything more than ordinary. In fact, despite the fact that we live in a camper and have an amazing life together, let’s not over-glamorize it. Most days our lives are about as ordinary as yours. Every single day there are chores to be done, bills to be paid, floors to be swept, jobs to be worked, and schoolwork to be completed.

Still, smack dab in the midst of ordinary, I had a moment this morning while standing next to my kitchen stove, stirring the sauce, in which I felt complete and total joy wash over me like a fresh wave on a shoreline.

I had not won the lottery, or had anything particularly amazing happen to me except that in that moment I realized how blessed I am to be living a life in which I know what it is to have deep meaning and purpose… and to feel so fully alive.

And I knew right then that no person or thing had given joy to me, nor could steal it away again.

You see, joy isn’t happiness.

It is more.

Joy is the complete fulfilling contentment that resides in the deepest part of us when we are moping floors, cleaning toilets, cooking dinners and living the most ordinary of days. Joy is the thing that remains when our world is falling apart, or we’ve lost a job, or a loved one is sick, or life didn’t turn out the way we had expected it would.

This world can give cheap, fleeting substitutes, but it can never give us the things that will last when everything else fades away.

You see, there is only one source for joy. 

Relationships, job titles, accomplishment, and things… all of them fall short of bringing joy so deep that circumstances can’t steal it away. Worldly things bring only fleeting moments of short lived happiness. But joy…oh joy. It is worth so much more.

I’m thinking maybe we’ve been chasing the wrong things. In our pursuit of happiness and our own poverty of the soul stricken versions of the American Dream, maybe we have traded in the one thing that can’t be bought, sold, or earned.

Joy. Deep soul joy.

When was the last time you experienced the true fullness and contentment of life found there?

Joy is the most infallible sign of the existence of God.

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10 Reasons A Simpler Life Can Equal A Fuller Life

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When I started this blog back in 2013 for the purpose of documenting our journey with full time RV life, I made the decision right then that I never wanted sharing our lives with others to get in the way of living our lives with each other. There have been seasons in which it was more practical to write regularly, and post articles that many of you have found helpful and informational. But over the course of this past year, the momentum of our lives changed quite a bit and it just hasn’t lent itself to writing much. And so needless to say, I haven’t posted on The Light Life Blog lately and I really can’t apologize because we’ve been, well…LIVING the light life!

Our 2014/2015 school year is coming to a close and I’ve been looking back over the last 10 months or so of our lives realizing just how fast it’s gone by and just how full our lives have been! We’ve been busy roadschooling, taking trips, enjoying the outdoors, hiking, running 1/2 marathons, participating in a homeschool co-op, spending LOTS of time with family as we are currently just 5 hours from our hometown of Wilmington, NC, and I started back to school full-time as well…which is where a great chunk of my time and brain space has disappeared to.   😉

Looking back is always a treat. It reminds me again why we made the decision to scale back our lives two years ago. And how much that decision to live this lighter, simpler life has not detracted from the fullness of our lives one tiny bit. In fact, quite the opposite.

So what have these past two years of full-time RV life taught us? Here’s just 10 things for starters.

  1. Things can be bought with money, time cannot.
  2. Life doesn’t have to be complex or expensive to be full and good.
  3. Quality trumps quantity. Every. single. time.
  4. Kids would rather have your time than your things.
  5. Education means a whole lot more than textbooks and the 3 Rs.
  6. Freeing up your time allows you to educate the WHOLE child. Mind, body, and spirit.
  7. We should spend less time building retirement accounts and more time building relationships. Because in the end, we don’t get to keep the stuff anyways.
  8. That whole American dream thing? Doesn’t necessarily have to rule our lives, or be our dream at all.
  9. And when you don’t love the direction your life is taking, it’s okay to reinvent yourself and re-write your story.
  10. Not everyone will understand your journey, and that’s OK. It’s YOUR journey, not theirs.




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