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Oxygenics Shower-Head: The Light Life “Must Haves”


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Welcome to the first in what will be a continuous, regular series of The Light Life Blog must-haves!” 

For your very own Light Life benefit, in this series we will focus on honest reviews of all the finds that are truly making our own family’s life on the road even more wonderful than it already is!

So we’ve probably all heard the hype about the Oxygenics shower head for RVs. And to be honest, we waited a whole nine months to purchase one because it all sounded too good to be true! (plus a  few negative reviews we had been told.)


But this past weekend my husband came out of a nearby camping store with one in hand, and I was only mildly amused. To be perfectly frank, I wasn’t hopeful that there could really be a solution the whole (water pressure/8 minute shower) issue that most RVers have learned to live with.

But despite my inhibitions, he installed it in our RV and I took for a test shower the next morning….

The verdict? Can I just say – GAME. CHANGING. for the (sometimes pathetic) world of RV showering!

Apparently it uses oxygen to increase water pressure which actually results in 20% LESS water usage as well – which is cool!

I could list all of the really great specs. about it, but I will just let you click on this link for all the little details. (I posted this particular link for you because it is the absolute cheapest price I could find it listed anywhere for.) Yay for better showers AND saving $$!

I’m a girl, so I don’t necessarily care HOW it works, I just care that it really does almost feel like a regular house shower!

Here are our most favorite things about it:

  • Easy, self-mounting which means you can adjust the height of the shower head to what works best for you.
  • MUCH higher water pressure
  • Uses LESS water
  • Which also means we ladies can wash our hair AND shave our legs BEFORE all the hot water runs out!
  • It also has a smart pause shut-off button you can push to save water while you lather up your legs….or whatever else you would need a “pause button” in the shower for.  🙂

So The Light Life verdict for the Oxygenics Body Spa 26781?


We hope this helps to inform you whether you had never even heard about it, or had been wondering if all the hype about it was true.

Have you tried the Oxygenics showerhead in your RV? Two thumbs up or down? Leave your review below! If not, would you try it and why/why not? We want to hear from you! 

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