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A New Light Life Addition! {So Begins The Story Of A Tiny Road-dog}

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So maybe it appears I’ve been MIA for past few weeks. Well, there’s been a couple of big changes in our lives that have been keeping me from doing everything and anything…. beside blogging.

And I have to be honest, I have resisted just a little in writing this post for a few weeks knowing that I what I should do is write on something important, informational or just a bit more relevant in keeping with the topic of a Light Life blog to share with you all. You know, the stuff you really come here to read!

But alas, as I was going through the images in my camera roll I literally couldn’t let myself not tell you about our new little addition to our own Light Life family. And after all, this blog is also about our own journey as well. And Little Daisy has become a huge or rather –  tiny part of it!

And so without further ado, meet little Daisy May!

20140519-140039-50439560.jpgShe is a Chiweenie which is a Dachshund/Chihuahua mix. She is seven months old and is pretty much at her full-grown size of about 5 pounds.

We saw her and immediately fell in love with her!

Olivia has always been an animal lover and is OBSESSED with animals of all kinds. She had a large dog who had passed away shortly before we left for life on the road. But the thought of squeezing another body in a small space was admittedly a challenge Anthony and I weren’t sure if we were up for.

But Olivia has begged and begged for months.

Maybe she had worn us down just a bit, or maybe we had a momentary lapse in good common sense! But the moment we laid eyes on little Daisy, I just knew she was ours! And so I text Anthony at work and asked him could we get her (all while I was already rushing home to get the cash to pay and send a campground neighbor after her for us.) \

I had never told the kids we would get her. And we waited to surprise Olivia until after her soccer game that afternoon. And when she was done, she came home to little Daisy sitting there in the back seat of her daddy’s truck, just waiting for her.

20140519-140048-50448206.jpgThis was the first time she held her. Two sweet little girls, never so lucky (and happy) to have found each other.

Daisy has changed our lives so much already. In every good way. Yes, she is a lot of work as any new puppy would be. I keep telling people it feels like I got the third child I never had. I know that because I catch myself snapping pictures of her just as much as I do my kids….which is a lot.

She is the sweetest natured dog who’s main goal in life is simply to be near us and crawl up into our lap for snuggles.


Yes, she is extra work. She has lots and lots of little puppy accidents, but the joy she has brought into our lives far exceeds any of the little aggravations that come along with her.

20140519-140049-50449515.jpgDaisy was the runt of her little and was a bit underweight and sick when we got her. In fact, we are still working with the vet to help her get totally well – a process which will take a few months at least.

And I guess some would say she is lucky to have found us, but I would say, we are lucky to have found her.

She is our new little joy in our journey and we just could not neglect to share her with you too!

We’d love to know – Do/have you had animals living with you on the road or in a small living space? If so, what kind? Please leave us any comments or tips on traveling or just living small (light) with four legged ones!

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