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The Light Life Blog RV Remodel


Back when we lived a more normal life in an actual house, I was known for changing the paint color on my walls every other year or so because everyone who knows me knows that I get bored easily and love to change things up! Now here we are, about to enter year two of our journey to full time RV life. So naturally, we I, felt it was high time to give our little home a facelift too! And somehow I got lucky and managed to talk my husband into the insanity of it all.

We went all in and decided to do a marathon remodel session on the last weekend before summer cranked up to hot as hell status! *We own the Open Range Light (LT308BHS) model camper.

For now, we have completely revamped everything with the exception of the master bedroom and half of the kid’s bunkhouse area. We will finish those up soon..but we just couldn’t wait to share it with you anyways.

And of course it was just too much to wait until next spring when the entire thing was done to show you all how turned out. So here is snapshots of our face-lifted, personalized, a bit more cozy RV home! We hope you are inspired to make whatever space is you live in, your very own!

(Be sure to click here to view the before pics)

11311543_1603387973269899_189322981_nAs you can see, we had quit a job ahead of us…and we made quite a mess! Since our camper is only two years old, we didn’t really need or want to change a whole lot structurally except for the living/dining room slide-out area (which used to be a huge u-lounge area) and the bathroom sink (which was entirely too small).

I’m a huge fan of bright and fresh spaces. And since we homeschool and spend much of our time in our RV, we decided we wanted to get rid of all the dark and use lots of white and grey to lighten and open up the space as much as possible!


We began the process by taking down every cabinet door and hardware. We kilzed every wall once then painted them with two coats of a light grey premium grade satin finish paint. The dark wood cabinets were also kilzed and painted with two coats of a premium grade antique white in satin finish. We didn’t really worry about 100% perfect coverage on all the cabinetry since we wanted them to have an aged feel and everybody knows that aged things aren’t perfect and definitely don’t look new!

We used a medium/coarse grit sandpaper to distress the cabinets once the paint was dry to give them their aged, shabby chic look. I love the way they turned out!

11817181_10153667046242847_5524122037099021837_n11263238_861640513914710_983480678_n 11327864_707610302698612_933754891_n11902234_10153692644547847_370684049499049279_n (1) 11352041_848026405232996_1571081993_n

11896212_10153692644477847_8611677665238984193_nblog 6


We decided to go ahead and completely re-do Olivia’s side of the bunk house area of the camper, so Olivia got to work and helped her dad build her new bed area and mommy did the painting. It was definitely a team effort. We think it turned out so lovely and Olivia absolutely LOVES her new space! She says it feels so cozy…I agree!    (Jackson’s side will be revamped soon!)11905751_10153697338327847_4035993158962612862_n11951968_10153712451262847_5831649625826629152_n11892012_10153712464292847_4331026778324875532_n        11215704_10153613252677847_5702014323835840354_n


We still have a bit more remodeling left to do (in between dad’s work schedule and school) and will definitely show you when we’re 100% finished. But for now, we sure have loved giving you a mini tour of our tiny home on wheels and we hope you’ve enjoyed the peek into our freshly remodeled camper home!  Please feel free to leave us questions and comments below in the comments and then click right here to follow us on Instagram @thelightlifeblog!

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RV Life One The Road Reflections: Year One


{click on the image image above!}

Well hey ya’ll!!!!  Gee have I ever missed you! 🙂 But I took a much needed sabbatical from writing and blogging to fully enjoy the summer and to get the kids started back with a new homeschool year in a completely engaged and un-destracted way.

We are still parked in Charlotte, NC and have enjoyed the mild summer and all that the Charlotte area has to offer both in the bustling city and also the more leisurely lake life where we are parked. Over the past few months we’ve made several trips to Wilmington, NC as well as Gatlinburg, TN to get our fill of the mountains AND the beach as we have come to adore them both.

So with that we have officially wrapped up a busy and fun-filled summer. Also, right along with it, year one of RV life on the road is also in the books!

In totally honesty 2013/2014 was by far the fastest and most amazingly beautiful year of our lives. Doing it together as a family, RV life has afforded us the opportunity for rich experiences and the freedom to be fully present and intentional about our lives.

For the first time in a long time, it felt like we really LIVED rather than merely surviving. As my husband and I laid in bed last night reminiscing about the year I looked over at him and said, “And we didn’t miss a thing.”

Here’s to year number two and lots more conscientious and intentional living where that came from!

Live intentionally. Live light. Live free.

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How To Travel Often With Children & Navigate New Cities


Since I last posted a personal type post we have packed up and left Front Royal, Virginia and headed to Charlotte, NC! Pictured below is what we left and we arrived at!

To put it in perspective, this makes our 4th move & new state in a nine months of being on the road which gives us an average so far of a little over two months at each new place.

If you read my past post entitled, “How we Make A Living On The Road” you not only know HOW we make a living while traveling, but it’s also important to note that my husband’s work is one of the major reasons we decided to hit the road together in the first place.

And with that being said, we do get asked two particular questions pretty often that I’d love to address for anyone who might be wondering the same! Here they are:

  1. What is it like to move around so often?

One word, GPS. I literally don’t know how we would live without our trusty GPS systems. We each have one that sticks on the windshield of each vehicle as well as on our iphones. For about the first month or so we use them to go almost anywhere, and then just about the time we start to learn where everything is enough to not need them anymore,


Our most favorite “new city apps” for smartphones –

  • Around Me
  • Google Maps
  • Gas Buddy
  • Urban Spoon
  • Any local city apps
  • Parkmobile
  • Starbucks
  • (please comment below any apps you’ve found that you would add to our list!)

Traveling and moving around often does have it’s pros and cons just as everything in life does. First off, when we signed up for this lifestyle, we also re-adjusted our mindset to know that this is just the way it would be! And although no one place is “home” and yet in another sense, no matter where we are in the world, we are always home because we are together and our house just goes where we go!

Personally, I am truly enjoying the new way of life for so many reasons. But being a girl who had barely ever left her home town just under a year ago, this has already been a pretty freeing and amazing journey in many ways.

   2. Do you, and if so, HOW do you establish a local routine with the kids not knowing how long you’ll be in one place?

This is a really, really great question. And honestly, before we started doing this it’s something that I would have literally have had NO idea how to answer.

Now, keeping in mind that we are a family of four who homeschool, we do establish some sort of local routine and we also have our own unique set of priorities upon arriving in a new area, as every person/family will have their own based on their life/family situation.

Here is our top ten local must finds!

  1. Starbucks (yes, this is literally one of the first things I look for! 😉
  2. Campground/RV Park (I’ll be writing a post on “How To Find A Campground” next week.)
  3. Decent grocery Stores
  4. Laundry Mat
  5. Library
  6. Nearby local attractions (which we always try to take advantage of)
  7. Parks/Nature trails
  8. Fitness Center or YMCA
  9. Farmer’s Markets
  10. Music teachers/Homeschool groups/ Sports leagues

Even though we don’t always know how long we’ll be in any given area (sometimes we do have a general idea) we have found that it is still extremely important for the momentum of our family to toss over-analyzing to the wind and just go ahead and dive into whatever local activities, sports and groups we would be interested in if we were in a permanent city living a more “regular” kind of life!

Especially with having kids it is important to us and them that we not forgo the opportunities to experience outside extra-curriculars even though we are a mobile family.

We do try and stay away from signing up for anything with yearly contracts unless of course we know for sure we’d be in an area for that long. However, we have found that most fitness centers, ect. are happy to work with us when we explain our situation!

  •  Joining local groups

can be extremely helpful to a family with children. Even if there is a small yearly membership fee such as is the case with some homeschool groups, because it gives us access to their email groups – which is how we get to know people and find out about meetups, co-ops and many local events that would be of interest to our family.

Sure, there are days that I miss the stability of “life in one place.” as it does make some things easier and more predictable. But would I trade this adventure and this season in for what we had before? Not even a chance.

Everyone’s journey is different! And your journey is what you make it.

We’ve chosen to make ours an adventure that we will look back on one day and say, “You know what? Those were some of the BEST days of our lives!” They will surely be the most memorable of all.

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An Invitation To LIVE With Us!

Do you ever find yourself sitting online with your chin in your hand watching other people actually living their lives instead of simply letting life live them and think to yourself, “Geez, I wish my life actually felt like LIVING and less like surviving!”

Well, here’s your chance to change that a bit!

Let me explain.

When we started this blog, even greater than simply keeping the world update to date about our adventures, was our desire to add value to lives of all who connect with us, whether in person or online, by answering your concerns, giving ideas and inspiring you to live a fuller, richer life. Not for this to only be a one way street in which you have a convenient window seat into our lives, but a place to actually engage with you!

Our Light Life adventures are about so much more than just us. From day one is have been our sincere desire to cultivate a thriving community here that is life-enriching to all people from all walks of life, not just RVers or minimalists.

As a result, our community is ever growing and we wanted to tell let you all in in advance on some pretty exciting things coming up on The Light Life Blog.

Here are just a few of the uniquely informative, fun things coming up!

  • A special Light Life Blog series that you won’t want to miss
  • Honest interviews with others living a light life
  • Video blog in which we will take you through a day in our light life!
  • Continuing Q & A in which we continue to honestly answer our most asked questions about minimalism, living small and life on the road
  • Tips and advice for current, soon to be or aspiring RVers!
  • The truth about what we’ve learned from our near first year living in a tiny space and on the road
  • A nice little giveaway…..or two that trust us – you DON’T WANT TO MISS!

So much of it will happen right here on the blog but some will be seen exclusively on Facebook & Instagram. So we want to kindly invite you to join in and connect with us on our social media channels so you don’t miss out on any of the fun! Cause we are probably the most spontaneous family you know and you just never know what you might get with us!  😉

So click on any of the three social media links below and connect fully with us. It’s that easy and you’re in! No membership dues or invasive sign up forms to fill out! So click away, take a breath of fresh air and consider yourself part of the Light Life Community!

*{in order to qualify to win the giveaways you must be connected with us on at least 2 out of three social media channels}





So, now that you’ve connected with us, we’d love it if you’d stop by and say “Hi!

Now that you’re on board, fasten your seat belts as you come along with us on this journey! We are so excited and grateful to take your along on this adventure with us and to engage with you even more!

Welcome to The Light Life! Where you can leave the hustle and bustle of the rat race far behind you, free yourself from the bondage of stuff , declutter your mind and free yourself to LIVE.

Breathe in and out deeply…….

Now you’re going places.


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Falling In Love With A Simple Life


Coffee cup filled with light dark sips of goodness in hand, early this morning as the sun arose I just sat and thought and admired the beauty right outside of my RV window, dwelling on the beauty of everything on the inside. Here inside our tiny little home on wheels, listening to the soft pitter patter of raindrops on our roof I closed my eyes and breathed in deeply. There are few things quite as lovely and refreshing as the sound of rain falling on roofs. I find something about gloomy, rainy days to be comforting.

I find beauty in the oddest of things actually.

I thought….

My whole life is so different than just six months ago. I find myself enjoying life so immensely that I am sad to see each day come to an end. As if I’m clinging tightly to the remnants of a wonderful experience.  I go to bed each night with anticipation for the morning to come, for a new day to begin all over again.

Far from the normalcy of my old life of neatly laid out schedules, grand houses, white picket fences, the manicuring of lawns….. and reputations – all the rushing about. There isn’t anything wrong with that life, it is what it is we are searching for there that can all to easily become the noose around our neck.

It feels a bit like we’ve untied the knot and slipped the noose off.

For a while I’ve felt almost as if I was living someone else’s life. But lately, this new life is beginning to feel like my very own. And I chuckle a bit inside as I re-read my own words because from the sound of it one would start to think I live some kind of grand life of perfection and ease, spending my days in the lap of luxury and fanfare.

That couldn’t be further from truth.

My life isn’t perfect and it could better be described as slow and steady, plain and simple. Not complex and anything but glamorous. Maybe enough to drive others mad. But me, I find such deep peace in unhurried days, so much fulfillment in the steady stream of days filled with deep purpose and accomplishment.

Nothing about my life is perfect, and yet – somehow it seems to be abundantly enough. I find myself stopping to admire the smallest of things, seeing the ordinary as gifts. The sweet chirping of birds, the sound of raindrops falling, the way the wind feels as it softly brushes my hair against my face, sunbeams warming my skin on a cold day, the solemn stillness and quiet of a winter snowfall.

All the fluff of my old life has been removed and only what is real remains. It’s amazing what one discovers about themselves when all the “fluff” gets removed. All the substitutes that tend make up who we and others believe us to be.

Most days I don’t bother to put on makeup or wear trendy clothes. Oh I love to feel beautiful just as any woman would, but I’m learning what defines me. It is not a pretty face, or the clothes on my back. I’m losing my desire to be known for the what I possess, what I can do or the way I look at my very best. And still, for the first time in my life, I feel beautiful and strong, even after the make-up is washed away and the curls have fallen flat.

I find myself falling in love with being known for the truth of who I really am.

The same life that the ones who live with me know, that is the most beautiful one. The one whose nose is dotted with tiny freckles and uneven skin tone, messy hair thrown up making time for morning snuggles under the covers. The one who gives grace over spilled juice on a freshly mopped floor, little boy mistakes – even grown men ones. The one who has traded in the need to be somebody in this world, to be somebody to the three hearts I’ve been given to love first. 

Grace for my own soul. Removing the demands I had placed on myself to be, learning to fully embrace who I am becoming.

This confident, bold little girl who has become a woman, wife and mother – yet still such a work in progress. But I see it all happening. I feel myself becoming that which I had never even known I wanted to become. It is wonderful and beautiful, the becoming. 

The same grace like rain that poured lavishly over my life a few short years ago has wrecked me for life. Even still, remaining a steady stream of love and forgiveness and life. A life that could have looked very different than the one of now.

But grace.

Grace is the presence that knows you’re a work in progress and is simply delighting in your becoming. And its delight is what gives us the space and strength to enter into our own humanity—all of our immaturity and messiness—to claim our mistakes, and to confess them without fear. Grace is the quiet voice within, always whispering, “I’m quite fond of you, even in your messy becoming.” – Kelly Flanging

I’m becoming quite fond of this girl who stands on mountainsides drawing fresh air into her lungs and whispers audible “thank yous” for things so small as this. This mother who watches her little ones as they sleep and holds her face tightly to their pink cheeks, in awe of every rise and the fall of their small chest. This wife who lays her head on her husbands strong chest as he sleeps at night, listening to every beat of his heart, reveling at how wonderful it is to hear the very heart that was created to love someone like her – and grateful that it chooses to still.

When I was a girl I always had a sense that I would grow up to be somebody. Someone who did great things and possessed much.

I spent so much of my twenties fighting my way to that somewhere.

And then one day I threw up my white flag. I let it all go. I well remember that day.

I surrendered my heart to a plan, a vision for my life so much greater than my own.

It is then that I learned that I already possessed all that I had been fighting for. 

It has been in the letting go that I began to discover that life isn’t about what we are, but who we are constantly becoming. 

The journey

The messiness

The mistakes

The ordinary

The becoming

The simple life.

Yes, I’m becoming quite fond of you.

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January Light Life Adventures!

Well, we’ve been in northern VA for just about a month now. While it was super strange to go from Florida weather to “the frozen tundra” we are in now, we have been making the very best of the change. Being from a beach town on the coast of NC, our little family isn’t used to 9 degree temps and snow, and so we are enjoying the new experience of it all.

After all, that’s a huge part of what makes life on the road the fun and unique it is – experiencing different places, climates and ways of life!

I thought it would be fun to give you a small picture recap of our January.

Cold! Lots of fun snow days with daddy and cozy nights in, cooking dinner together, school days at the coffee shop, library trips, exercise classes, a family project of sewing our first quilt together, trip to explore underground Caverns (not pictured) first metro ride, Washington, DC trip, Olivia began guitar lessons and turned 9!

all images in order of actual events

Whew! What a month! But it has been wonderful. We’ve weathered the absolute coldest it should get here and no frozen water pipes! So thumbs up for that. Honestly, it was hands down the best month since we hit the road five months ago. Can hardly believe it’s almost been half a year on the road!

The homesickness of leaving our old home is beginning to subside and we are truly settling into our new life. We are careful to ask the kids frequently how they are feeling about life on the road and they both say they miss a few friends and family back home as is to be expected, but they wouldn’t trade life on the road for our old one.

Their number one reason as of yesterday: “We get to spend A LOT more time with you and daddy and we get to do a lot of things.”

I wouldn’t trade this time in our lives and these experiences for a million houses on a hill.

Be courageous, live fully, travel light.

p.s. If you enjoy this website, please connect with us via The Light Life Blog Facebook page stop by and say hi!                                                                       Also, we have a private group for the sole purpose of “connecting” individuals and families together who travel. Here you are free to share your own adventures, tips, questions, blogs, ect. with everyone! Click here.

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RVing & Surviving In The Cold: How To Stay Warm & Toasty

how to winterize your RV

Five months into full-time life on the road after leaving the sunny warmth of Florida, as I type this, we are in northern Virginia in the midst of a seven plus day arctic blast. We’ve been weathering snow, wind chills -0 and highs of about 24 or so for days on end. If you don’t already know, these kind of prolonged frigid temps have the potential to be an absolute nightmare for RV life if you aren’t properly prepared and equipped.

We are three days in and so far (crossing our fingers) we haven’t had one single incidence of anything frozen or busted and we are staying warm and toasty inside our 37 foot, four season equipped (which means it has a heated underbelly to heat the plumbing underneath) Light camper by Open Range. Also our RV has an electric AND gas hot water heater combined.

RV life, campers

Here’s what we did to Arctic Blast proof our tiny home on wheels before we even headed up here that has worked beautifully for us.  (All steps are listed in exact order of how they were done)

  1. Wrapped the water supply hose into the RV with aluminum foil
  2. Put heat trace on it and tapped it every 8 inches
  3. Wrapped it with 5/8 in. thick foam plumbing insulation
  4. Wrapped it entirely in duct tape
  5. We keep the hot water running in one of the sinks on a very light steady stream at all times to keep the hot water heater from freezing up
  6. We keep a small ceramic heater in the bathroom with the doors closed to keep the toilet water from freezing as well as for extra warmth when we shower. We also keep 1 more ceramic heater in the main living area during the day and the kid’s room at night.
  7. When taking showers we cut on the gas portion of the hot water heater as well
  8. Leave the valves open on the grey water tank
  9. Keep black water tank closed except to empty


How to solve humidity & Moisture problems inside an RV

If you’ve traveled to a cold place before you would already know that moisture build up on the inside of the camper becomes a problem when the temperature difference between the outside and inside is so great. We mostly found that it’s mainly a problem on slide outs.

Here’s what we did to 100% eliminate moisture inside our RV

  1. Purchased a dehumidifier    – We got ours from Walmart for around $175. Lowes also carries them for around the same price. The goal for an inside living space is between 30-50 % humidity. If it’s higher than that you will have moisture and a potential mold growth problem which is a big deal.                                                                                     Side note: we’ve had to run the dehumidifier very minimally since discovering the next step on the list that virtually eliminates the moisture problem
  2. Cracked one RV side window open     – While it sounds ridiculous to crack open a window in frigid temperatures, the amount of work the dehumidifier has to do to keep the moisture problem at bay is at least 90% less! It’s best to crack open a side window (away from a sleeping area) rather than a roof vent because this allows for less heat to escape. IT WORKS.  *I would try this step before purchasing a dehumidifier and see if that alone solves the issue before chunking out the bucks for one.


Propane Usage in below freezing temps

As far as propane usage we carry one 100 pound tank and two 30 pound tanks. For usage with cooking, heating and the water heater we are going through about 50 pounds of propane every week which is an average of around $200-$250 a month give or take depending on gas prices where you are.

These are all of the things we have tried and found to work wonderfully for surviving the cold in an RV.  It is our desire that this post is super helpful and informative to you on your journeys and helps in keeping your family and your RV from freezing up in the cold places you may travel.

Stay toasty!

The Light Life Blog family


Be courageous, live adventurously, travel light!

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Holiday Recap. Moving & Finding Contentment In The Mud

The Christmas holiday back at home in North Carolina was lovely. Honestly, at one point Anthony and I looked at each other and agreed that it had been the best Christmas we’ve ever had together. How odd it was that Christmas could be so different and yet still so wonderful. We are grateful for the small moments and the memories of yummy food, lights, gifts, holiday parties and faces we love most.

Rving After about a month long break from normal life on the road, I can honestly say our family was so excited to get back to the the new normal of life as we know it – together. We pulled out of Ruskin, Florida as Anthony’s job had ended there, and headed to Front Royal, Virginia for several months.

For the past few days we’ve been busy settling in and getting rested up. We already love this place! It still has the feel we love of a quant, old mountain town, while still having many of the usual stores and conveniences we’ve grown fond of. Kind of like the best of both worlds in many ways!


I do not generally love frigid temperatures….can you tell? And although Florida wasn’t my favorite, it has been rather odd to go from sunny and 82 most days to, dreary, rainy and anywhere from 10-50 degrees in our new spot. But the changes of all kinds are what makes this life on the road interesting and fun! Lucky for me I sort of adore change, and Anthony and I both have adventurous spirits, so we are able to go with the flow and not completely lose our minds in the process of all the change that life on the road brings with it.

snow, cold, childrenThis was the kids about .025 seconds after we had stepped out of the car at our new campground in Virginia. There was only small, and I do mean the most minute patches of snow left over from an arctic blast earlier in the week. (That we are so grateful we missed.) But that didn’t matter to two kids who grew up at the beach and have apparently been severely snow deprived all of their lives! They immediately went to throwing snow balls (with no gloves on) and making teeny tiny snowmen from what little bit off dirty snow left to get their hands on.

mud, muddy rvAnd then there is this.

Snow is so much prettier before it melts and leaves behind a slushy cleaning nightmare situation for any human being….especially those who live in 300 square feet of muddy campsite. As I watched our second born fall flat into the mud with all his snow clothes on, wondering where IN THE HECK is the closest laundromat? I stood at the steps leading into our tiny home on wheels imagining my pledge to stop yelling at my kids going right out the RV window as they inevitably begin to track this horrible mess into what little bit of clean, warm, sacred space we do have.

After watching my husband scramble to get us all hooked up in the freezing cold before the night set in so our pipes wouldn’t freeze (and helping where I could in between jumping back in the car to thaw out.) As I stood there at the bottom of the three steps that lead into our small home, staring at the mud and the muck that surrounded it on every side, I literally rehearsed over and over to myself, “In every circumstance, in every circumstance, in EVERY circumstance….I CAN know what it means to be truly –  deeply content.”

Even in the midst of constant change

and frigid temperatures

little boys falling flat in the slush

the inevitable frozen pipes to come

and yes, even in the mud.

This simple life we’ve chosen to lead teaches us more than ever before, the art of being truly satisfied with less.

To truly be content in every situation.

This is the kind of life we desire most.



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Life On The Road & Thanksgiving At Home

After being in Florida for about a month and a half, we were so excited to be able to go back to the North Carolina coast that will always be home to us, for the Thanksgiving holiday. The kids and I drove up about a week and a half prior to Thanksgiving day and daddy (Anthony) flew in early Thanksgiving morning to join us for the last 4 days of the holiday week! I have to say, it was pretty insane to go from the 80 something degree whether we gotten used to in Florida, to daily high averages in the 50’s & 60’s. It was just like stepping from summer straight into fall all over again!

But since Anthony and I had both spent our entire lives until this year in the same city with both sides of our families residing there, the holidays just wouldn’t be the same without going home! And as you can tell from the picture gallery below, we squeezed every bit of fun and family time in during our trip home. Although we truly enjoy being on the road and have gained so much we were missing out on before, we definitely miss our friends and family in North Carolina and had promised before we even left that we would always go home for the holidays whenever it is even remotely possible.

Our days were spent overflowing to brim with friends and family time. Coffee dates, shopping trips, lunches, dinners, oyster roasts and s’mores bonfires have been the magical stuff of the last two weeks.

I’m spending the last few hours in North Carolina sitting across from my sister in Starbucks as I type this post, and tomorrow the four of us will make the eleven hour drive back to Florida to finish out our last month or so of time there before moving onto the next place!


Being on the road has it’s drawbacks and it’s perks just as we knew it would! But I can honestly say that the old saying, “Absence makes the heart grow fonder” is something we’ve found to be true. There is something priceless that absence can teach us: It is the relationships we share with the people we love, and who love us that make life worth anything. Everything else, is just fluff.

During this trip home I found myself paying more attention than I used to – documenting in my mind all of the small moments so that I could carry them with me wherever we go and remember them over and over again. While it is true that the adventure of full time life on the road is something in which any place can be home, it is also true that no place on earth will ever feel quite as comforting and treasured as the sacred place our hearts knew first as “home.”



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Florida: Week One….And A Half

Well, we’ve been in Florida for a week and a half now. The trip and the first week were exhausting and a bit of a whirlwind! I have so much to write about, so in efforts to catch you up quickly before my next post – this is a tiny, quick recap on what our first week in the new state held!

  • Disney  – The second day we were here the kids just had to go to The Magic Kingdom. After all, they had only been waiting for that for the past 8 1/2 and 7 years! We had A BLAST. It was worth the money, the aching feet and sheer exhaustion of running like mad for 12 hours straight! I will say that I’m glad we waiting until they were the ages they are to take them. We squeezed every drop of fun out of this park and the best part is, we weren’t dragging around hot, whining babies and they will remember the whole experience! So Magic Kingdom = 2 thumbs up!
  • Finding a new RV park – After about 2 additional hours of driving, and 3 RV park visits later….we finally found the perfect spot! (RV websites are not always reliable as they don’t always show everything) The first was too expensive, the second was a total dump, the third a bit unimpressive and basically sitting ON the interstate. So finally, we arrived at one we really liked and picked out the lot we loved. I walked into the office to inquire and was notified that it was a 55 and older only RV park. UGH. My excitement went down the toilet immediately. But after about 2 minutes of conversation with the lady at the front desk I could tell were were winning her over. She went to the back and talked with the manager and they agreed to let us stay there anyways, gave us a discounted rate AND the exact spot we had already picked out. We were crazy excited! Ohhh the things that excite us these days.
  • We spent the day after the Magic Kingdom scrambling to turn our RV back into a somewhat clean, orderly, cozy home again before my husband had to start his new job the next day. Oh, and we squeezed in a little rest. As one could imagine, we were exhausted.
  • Since it was 89 degrees when were arrived, it was just like we had stepped back in time to a North Carolina summer again. So we quickly found the pool and have been watching our pasty white, fall mountain weather skin get it’s color back every since. We had literally not seen sunshine for the past 2 months and have been beyond happy to see it again!
  • Got back at with our schooling. Unlike our last city, there is no shortage of coffee shops in the area now and we love to go there some days and do school. We find that somehow a coffee shop just makes everything happier and better….even school. 🙂
  • We spent our first full weekend after the first week driving around the area seeing what there is to do, exploring Tampa ….OH and we ate at this AMAZING spot in Tampa in which I experienced THE BEST dish of. my. life. And I’m not exaggerating.
  • Found a really great church that our family is hoping to connect with more as we are here.

Today, I started on our search for occasional child-care for the kids in a new city in which we know NO ONE. Also, the kids and I met our first group of new “friends”. I’ll be letting you know what came of that and maybe even share what is (and isn’t working for us) in my next post!

Whew! Ok, I think that brings you all up to speed on our journey. I love that you’re following along with our travels as it makes it all the more fun to share all new things we are experiencing with you guys!

Own less, live fully, travel light.

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