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Life On The Road & Thanksgiving At Home

After being in Florida for about a month and a half, we were so excited to be able to go back to the North Carolina coast that will always be home to us, for the Thanksgiving holiday. The kids and I drove up about a week and a half prior to Thanksgiving day and daddy (Anthony) flew in early Thanksgiving morning to join us for the last 4 days of the holiday week! I have to say, it was pretty insane to go from the 80 something degree whether we gotten used to in Florida, to daily high averages in the 50’s & 60’s. It was just like stepping from summer straight into fall all over again!

But since Anthony and I had both spent our entire lives until this year in the same city with both sides of our families residing there, the holidays just wouldn’t be the same without going home! And as you can tell from the picture gallery below, we squeezed every bit of fun and family time in during our trip home. Although we truly enjoy being on the road and have gained so much we were missing out on before, we definitely miss our friends and family in North Carolina and had promised before we even left that we would always go home for the holidays whenever it is even remotely possible.

Our days were spent overflowing to brim with friends and family time. Coffee dates, shopping trips, lunches, dinners, oyster roasts and s’mores bonfires have been the magical stuff of the last two weeks.

I’m spending the last few hours in North Carolina sitting across from my sister in Starbucks as I type this post, and tomorrow the four of us will make the eleven hour drive back to Florida to finish out our last month or so of time there before moving onto the next place!


Being on the road has it’s drawbacks and it’s perks just as we knew it would! But I can honestly say that the old saying, “Absence makes the heart grow fonder” is something we’ve found to be true. There is something priceless that absence can teach us: It is the relationships we share with the people we love, and who love us that make life worth anything. Everything else, is just fluff.

During this trip home I found myself paying more attention than I used to – documenting in my mind all of the small moments so that I could carry them with me wherever we go and remember them over and over again. While it is true that the adventure of full time life on the road is something in which any place can be home, it is also true that no place on earth will ever feel quite as comforting and treasured as the sacred place our hearts knew first as “home.”



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Florida: Week One….And A Half

Well, we’ve been in Florida for a week and a half now. The trip and the first week were exhausting and a bit of a whirlwind! I have so much to write about, so in efforts to catch you up quickly before my next post – this is a tiny, quick recap on what our first week in the new state held!

  • Disney  – The second day we were here the kids just had to go to The Magic Kingdom. After all, they had only been waiting for that for the past 8 1/2 and 7 years! We had A BLAST. It was worth the money, the aching feet and sheer exhaustion of running like mad for 12 hours straight! I will say that I’m glad we waiting until they were the ages they are to take them. We squeezed every drop of fun out of this park and the best part is, we weren’t dragging around hot, whining babies and they will remember the whole experience! So Magic Kingdom = 2 thumbs up!
  • Finding a new RV park – After about 2 additional hours of driving, and 3 RV park visits later….we finally found the perfect spot! (RV websites are not always reliable as they don’t always show everything) The first was too expensive, the second was a total dump, the third a bit unimpressive and basically sitting ON the interstate. So finally, we arrived at one we really liked and picked out the lot we loved. I walked into the office to inquire and was notified that it was a 55 and older only RV park. UGH. My excitement went down the toilet immediately. But after about 2 minutes of conversation with the lady at the front desk I could tell were were winning her over. She went to the back and talked with the manager and they agreed to let us stay there anyways, gave us a discounted rate AND the exact spot we had already picked out. We were crazy excited! Ohhh the things that excite us these days.
  • We spent the day after the Magic Kingdom scrambling to turn our RV back into a somewhat clean, orderly, cozy home again before my husband had to start his new job the next day. Oh, and we squeezed in a little rest. As one could imagine, we were exhausted.
  • Since it was 89 degrees when were arrived, it was just like we had stepped back in time to a North Carolina summer again. So we quickly found the pool and have been watching our pasty white, fall mountain weather skin get it’s color back every since. We had literally not seen sunshine for the past 2 months and have been beyond happy to see it again!
  • Got back at with our schooling. Unlike our last city, there is no shortage of coffee shops in the area now and we love to go there some days and do school. We find that somehow a coffee shop just makes everything happier and better….even school. 🙂
  • We spent our first full weekend after the first week driving around the area seeing what there is to do, exploring Tampa ….OH and we ate at this AMAZING spot in Tampa in which I experienced THE BEST dish of. my. life. And I’m not exaggerating.
  • Found a really great church that our family is hoping to connect with more as we are here.

Today, I started on our search for occasional child-care for the kids in a new city in which we know NO ONE. Also, the kids and I met our first group of new “friends”. I’ll be letting you know what came of that and maybe even share what is (and isn’t working for us) in my next post!

Whew! Ok, I think that brings you all up to speed on our journey. I love that you’re following along with our travels as it makes it all the more fun to share all new things we are experiencing with you guys!

Own less, live fully, travel light.

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